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By: Chris | May 05, 2016

In my previous post I discussed the implications of “scan” and why it was important to scan effectively to spot those nasty conflictors that are going to ruin the day.  I shared an anecdote about how as a trainee Air Trafficker I nearly lost separation on the simulated aircraft that I was controlling and how poor scan allowed the problem to “sneak” up on me.


I described how I was just looking after one aircraft, but obviously, as a fully-fledged Air Traffic Controller, it isn’t always possible just to look after one plane at a time…  If this was the case, we would probably have a country full of Air Traffic Control Officers because as a conservative estimate there are “a hell of a lot” of aeroplanes in the skies above us (try searching on...

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By: Chris | April 27, 2016

In my introduction to this series I wrote about how the core skills of the Air Traffic Controller could potentially be adapted and embedded into business.  In this part I will introduce some of the fundamentals of what these core skills are and how they may relate to you and the world you work in.  If you haven’t seen the introduction you can access it here


It would be easy to write these posts if each of these skills are exclusive and that if you don’t use one you would be OK.  The fact is that each of the core skills is reliant on the other, so I would suggest giving these posts a read and a re-read to fully appreciate how they link together.  The first core skill I’m going to talk about is “scan.”


Whilst writing this piece I can st...

By: Chris | April 26, 2016


Whilst in the process of leaving the Royal Air Force I attended several seminars and workshops that were going to help me equip myself for life outside of an environment that I had existed within for 23 years.  Aside from the normal stuff like re-learning how to register with a GP, discovering that you actually have to pay for work clothing and finding out how the world on the outside actually works, I went through a number of assessments to understand what transferable skills I actually possessed as an Air Traffic Controller that would equip me for the world outside.


I strongly believed that I had a range of these transferable skills, but what did they transfer to?  It soon became clear after a couple of job interviews that ...