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Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that things occasionally go wrong within business. Upon investigating the event that has happened the cause can often be attributed to "Human Error".

At Chameleogenics we know that "Human Error" is not usually the root-cause of an error and there are many contributing elements that lead to the fault occurring. The internal and external influences that affect your people on a day-to-day basis are called The Human Factors and by understanding what affects your people and by raising awareness within your teams you may be able to prevent critical errors from occurring throughout your business.

With over 20 years experience gained by working within aviation safety management, Chameleogenics can supply Human Factors Analysis and Training to you and your business.

The "Dirty Dozen" Human Factors

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When something goes wrong it is never a pleasant experience for anyone involved. The correct business response to an error should be to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong and how it can be prevented from occurring again.

At Chameleogenics, we offer independent analysis of the error from end-to-end. Using experience gained in aviation, healthcare and private business, we investigate what happened and work with you to develop solutions to prevent the error reoccurring.

We understand the Anatomy of an Error and the Human Factors that can contribute to the error occurring. Because of this we are well placed to offer error-proofing solutions that can protect you, your people and your business.

Chameleogenics know from experience that an early intervention into a minor fault can prevent the escalation of the error into a future major event that could damage your organisation or even put you out of business. This is why we are passionate about transferring the lessons learned in aviation onto you.

If you have had an error occur or even a recent near miss, please contact Chameleogenics for an informal and confidential discussion about how we can help you

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Anatomy of an Error
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