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Change Management

At Chameleogenics we know that adapting and changing to meet the challenges of the 21st Century business landscape is vital for success

To help you meet those challenges we have developed the Chameleogenics Change Management Approach that provides you with the tools, techniques and experience you need to successfully deliver your business change

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The Art & Science of Change

Change is an inevitable part of the modern business environment and the reasons to change are numerous. Change is required for joining or forming teams, restructuring organisations or departments, relocating, merging, combining working practices or changing strategic direction... the list is almost endless, although there is a common theme... and that is your people

The success of any change initiative is reliant on the willingness and ability of your people to work with, and adapt to, the change that is demanded of them. Unfortunately, dependent on which academic literature or studies you read, the consensus among scholars is that between 50-70% of all change initiatives will fail and this failure is most commonly due to neglecting the people element of change.

The Chameleogenics Change Management Approach is founded upon post-graduate studies in leading innovation & change and from experience gained in public and private sector industries and organisations throughout the world. Through the application of knowledge and experience gained in organisational development and operational change management, we have developed our innovative Chameleogenics Change Management Approach with your people in mind.

Deployed as a framework and guided by our qualified practitioners utilising the latest tools and techniques, we ensure that the Chameleogenics Change Management Approach is flexible enough to support you and your people bringing together the Art & Science of Change

  • Decision Phase
  • Preparation Phase
  • Initiation Phase
  • Action Phase
  • Stabilise Phase
Decision Phase

The first phase of the Chameleogenics Change Management Approach is the Decision Phase.

The drivers for change can come from many sources both internal and external to the business. The decision to launch a change initiative can often be difficult to make. Numerous factors affect that decision making process and your own style means that you will reach your choice according to your own decision making preference. Of course, sometimes the choices available to you are limited or even non-existent and this can lead to personal internal conflict and anguish.

In the Decision Phase, we work with you to ensure that you are certain that the right choice for you, your people and your business has been made, all possibilities have been explored and the decision that has been made can be justified to yourself and others.

During the Decision Phase of the Chameleogenics Change Management Approach you will have access to a range of psychometric tools and techniques, coaching or consultation, or use of our Innovation Room Environment.

The Chameleogenics Change Management Approach enables you to examine your own decision making preferences, adds confirm and challenge from a 3rd party perspective and suggests options that are explored from all angles. With the aim of setting the foundations for a successful change initiative, at the completion of the Decision Phase you will have reassurance that however tough the change may appear, the correct decision has been made by you, for your people and your business.

Preparation Phase
Initiation Phase
Action Phase
Stabilise Phase
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