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"Chris is someone who leads by example, and motivates a team to perform its best consistently. His skills and expertise in Lean Transformation are second to none and I have gained much of my own drive, passion and skills of transformation from him."

- Business Analyst, Private Healthcare Provider

"I recommend Chris because he has the perfect combination of experience, skill, attention to detail, understanding of the effects of change and personality that make him the ideal choice to lead and advise on large scale programmes and transformations."

- Senior Transformation Manager, Leading UK Healthcare Organisation

"Chris is a leader. I think it is rare to come across someone that can be a consultant, a coach and a good friend at the same time. I had the chance to work with Chris 5 months only, but I learned much more in this short period than in the last 2 years. His goal-oriented attitude and his data driven decisions were immediately evident and helped everyone in the team to find his/her role to contribute. His transparency and attention to people were inspiring and helped me to develop as a person and a professional."

- Project Responsible, Law Firm

"We worked with Chris in 2010 to help us develop our Lean product offering. Chris has a true and thorough knowledge of the Lean process methodology, particularly within the Healthcare environment. Further, Chris is a really honest, hardworking and committed person who truly gives 100% to everything he undertakes."

- Director and Senior Partner, Medical Equipment Procurement Company

"Chris demonstrated great leadership skills as the Programme Manager for C3i (Creating a Culture for Continuous Improvement). Under his management the RSCH Continuous Improvement training programme was successfully developed so that all personnel across the Trust can become involved and confident in service improvement methodology and techniques."

- Programme Director, Major NHS Hospital Trust

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